Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Summer is over and what’s in store for you in the new season?

Kerrisdale Community Center Society’s Community Engagement Committee is gearing up to bring more contemporary and interdisciplinary arts programs to our centre in the coming year (the official kick off will be Spring 2018).

As artistic practices shift, increasingly integrating technology and interdisciplinary approaches, it make sense that our community centre should reflect and adopt these exciting changes as well. As we continue to make new roads, we are aware that the public wants to be more than passive recipients of whatever the artist chooses to put in front of them: instead, through their interactivity, they want to become cocreators – that makes our life more meaningful.  

To begin, we will be organizing Ars Longa Film Mini-series this Fall, which is a moderated discussion group in film aesthetics and media literacy. It will center around a series of highly engaging films with deep educational value. Please stay tuned!

I wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming important and meaningful event: save the date: The 2017 Walk for Reconciliation on Sunday September 24.  We are in a more urgent need of profound trust among people and ourselves than ever before.  In this issue, we have an excellent article entitled “An Indigenous Perspective of Reconciliation and Art” featuring Dr. Mique’l Dangeli, an Indigenous visual and performing artist who holds a PhD in Northwest Coast First Nations art history -absolutely must-read.

Happy Reading!

Keiko Honda,  Editor-in-Chief and Chair of Community Engagement Committee