Drumming Away at Kerrisdale Sakura Festival Apr17


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Drumming Away at Kerrisdale Sakura Festival

With the skillful and passionate teaching of Doug Masuhara, the Tetsu Taiko sensei (master), twenty-plus participants, an absolute beginner’s group, learned the drumming basics. They had become ONE after drumming away on garbage can drums for about one hour! It was so touching to watch and listen the transformation.  

Here are what participants said about the workshop:

  • He first showed how to play the drums and then he had ALL of us play it; An amazing workshop!
  • We learned the Japanese polite way
  • We learned the world and words of the Taiko
  • Drumming together was really fun
  • The introduction, explanation, and practice; Very well done!
  • It was excellent; I want my son to learn more!

The Kerrisdale Sakura Festival was planned and organized by the Community Engagement Committee of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society. The Japanese drumming workshop was our first attempt to enthral you through the powerful sound of the Taiko (Japanese drums).  It seems that the participants were left with an unforgettable, artistic and cultural experience.

Photo credit: Syed Mustafa


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