Dear Readers

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.11.22 PMDear Readers,

Time for Spring cleaning and skill sharing!   I have been fortunate to work with a talented, highly collaborative, and passionate team in my non-profit and community partners to start a pilot skillshare program in the community…..yes, it’s passion that’s the strongest force on Earth!

At the heart of community engagement is the process of building a grassroots movement involving communities and the practice of moving communities towards change. And skill-sharing, part of the asset-based community development (ABCD), is one of the effective tools to harness and leverage the individual and collective knowledge, resources and experience found within the community for sustainable development. I am looking forward to seeing multi-generational community of learning and new friendships emerging from skill-sharing.

The first kick-off event will starting in May 2016 at the Kitsilano Community Centre, and I will surely keep you all posted.  For any inquiries, contact me:

Speaking of cherry blossoms, please come out to our Sakura Festival, enjoy yourself, and sense the preciousness of our connection with nature!

Happy Spring!

Keiko Honda
Chair, Community Engagement Committee