Dear Readers


With Urasenke Tankokai Vancouver Association, Kerrisdale Cherry Blossom Festival,, April 26, 2015

Dear Readers,

In this month of May, I am looking forward to watching how a seed we planted is growing; a seed of community connections, a seed of an idea that adults and older adults and youth together explore the wonderful world of art, which prompts discussion and the sharing of life stories between the generations; Everyone is at once a teacher and a learner at all times. To foster the concepts of lifelong learning and spirited citizenship, together with Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society, we have just begun the Intergenerational Creativity Project where our young people have opportunities to engage with the broader community and to learn with and from individuals of all ages who exemplify this ideal.  To that end, a series of intergenerational workshops and projects are starting from this month at Kerrisdale Community Centre as a pilot site.  

Other noteworthy community connections include: Byng Project 3B, a school-based immigrant integration program sponsored by the VSB Settlement Workers In Schools (SWIS) Program in Lord Byng Secondary School, which took on a new challenge to extend their vision to global charity with UNICEF Canada; Uproot, zero-waste initiative diverting 100% of Vancouver’s wood waste from the landfill; and Urasenke Tankokai Vancouver Association whose debut was a smashig  success in Kerrisdale Community Centre’s first Sakura Festival — What a powerful synergy that is emerging!

Read on.

Keiko Honda, Ph.D.
Chair, Community Engagement