Fabulous Faces

yukiko onley
In my twenty-some-year career as a portrait photographer, I have photographed many faces of all ages — from new born babies to 95 year-old musician Dal Richards and every age group between.  I love photographing small children with their innocent expressions, and young people full of enthusiasm, and of course beautiful women with their perfect complexions. But my favorite subject remains mature people with their life history written on their faces.Someone said that we have faces we deserve. At some point, we can no longer hide who we are — it’s written all over our face.

I have been lucky to be able to photograph these people — some of the most fabulous faces in our community.

December 2013
Yukiko Onley

~~~~ Photographs courtesy of Yukiko Onley ~~~~
Nick Bantock, Painter, Author.
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Fred Harzog, Photographer.
04790003 copy
Rosemary Cunningham, writer.
33490004 copy
Takao Tanabe, painter.
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Marc Destrube, violinist.
47400009-copy copy copyMartha Sturdy, designer.DSC_6014 copy copyKaneko Joko, painter.




DSC_8560-copy-copy1Dal Richards, musician.


erickson-copy1Arthur Erickson, architect.


Wayne-Ngan-copyWayne Ngan, potter.