Joanne Chan

Life in Asheville, North Carolina

For over 15 years, Joanne Chan worked as a professional photographer in New York City.
Her clients included The New York Times, Random House Publishings, JCrew and Harry Winston Inc. She has photographed CEO of Louis Vuitton, the mayor of NY Rudy Guiliani, film director John Waters. Her work has also been published in numerous countries. Then after the birth of her child Lulu, she decided to switch her life 180.
She moved to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Along with her happy go lucky attitude, she is determined to live outside the box and live off the land a little more than she did in NY.Only in the short time of 2 years in North Carolina, Joanne has acquired the skills of butchering a road kill rabbit, dress a chicken, play the violin, learn to identify edible wild plants and even turn chicken feathers into hair accessories.

Joanne knows that her change in life direction is not for everyone.  She is grateful that she has the mental support from her family to make the drastic transition.

Joanne recently visited Vancouver and loved the Vancouver’s mellow yet enthusiastic vibe about the people she met. Who knows Vancouver might be her regular destination for her family!



Hair fascinator made from collected feathers and prom dress

One of a kind handmade doll
Handbags made of repurposed fabric

In front of local super market, selling arts and crafts.

Paintings of her daughter inspired by nature in Asheville

Black ear mushroom and mountain mint, collected in the forest.

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