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“Just the same”: Thirty-seven years of music & friendship

With music and lyrics by JEANNIE CORSI and featuring vocals by JANET OXLEY

Photographs by Noriko Nasu-Tidball


“The two friends with boundless passion for music, Jeannie Corsi and Janet Oxley, finally completed what they started 37 years ago. Their music has it all: drama, comedy, romance, friendship, spirituality, happiness, community, and values. The 9 original pieces of music and lyrics written by Jeannie and sung by Janet are quite magical, highlighting the joy of their collaboration and their long, loving friendship. They do put their hearts in it!! Watching them perform together is a refreshing, encouraging, and moving experience. Their faces are full of graceful smiles and humor, as well as their life struggles. Their genuine happiness appears so natural in their music that you will remember that life is beautiful indeed. I was in awe of the music and their personalities, which are unique and full of vigor and creativity—absolutely first-rate. I am sure everyone will agree! I am proud and excited to bring their nine original pieces to our 1st Annual Community Engagement Celebration event scheduled in September 2012. Please stay tuned, everyone!”  ~Editor-in-Chief


An Interview with Jeannie Corsi & Janet Oxley

VIDEO by Rosanna Goncalves



Jeannie Corsi – composer and pia