Noriko Nasu-Tidball Jun01


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Noriko Nasu-Tidball


About Artist

Noriko is Japanese born, and moved to Canada in 1990.  She took up photography in 2009, beginning with an SLR camera.  Noriko has studied under and worked with different photographers including noted local photographer, Yukiko Onley.  She has worked taking photographs for a series of events.  Noriko currently lives in Vancouver with her husband and daughter.

My Photography 

I have used digital cameras in my photography.  Modern digital cameras are very easy to use for taking technically good photographs.  However, as my interest and understanding of photography has grown, I have begun to appreciate how photographs can capture the feelings and thoughts of a photo’s subjects.  I find that a camera can create images that are very interesting, and the viewer can have a deeper understanding of the subject.


Daily life, Chinatown Vancouver, 2011*

*This photograph appeared on the National Geographic website as an editors choice as one of the top photographs submitted to them that day.



Rememberance day, vancouver, 2011



Vancouver fashion week, 2011



From street, Harajyuku, Tokyo, 2011




Untitled, Vancouver, 2011



Untitled, 2011



Joy, Vancouver, 2011


Flow, Wakayama, 2011


In the dust, Wakayama, Japan, 2011


Harvest time, Wakayama, 2011


Musician, Vancouver, 2011


Noh performance, Vancouver, 2012


Noh mask, 2012


Untitled, Vancouver, 2011

Untitled, Vancouver, 2011


Hot afternoon, Maui, 2011