Davide Merino May01


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Davide Merino

Through all these years that I have been living in Canada my work has evolved in different ways. Somtimes it resembles memories that identify me with my past, sometimes with ideas that come at random or words that fall out from a poem that has moved me, sometimes they are personal like my mother’s death. And how about nature as an inspiration: it always touches me, but more than emulating it, I embrace it. I have always believed that art is like life: to live life, one has to learn to live; when we cease to learn we begine to die.”   ~ Davide Merino


 Volim te (“I love you”), oil on paper



Crosswords, oil on paper



Dream with Colors, oil on paper




About the artist:

Originally from Mexico  , Davide merino works and lives  in Vancouver for the last 25 years , after  studying  architecture in Mexico city (UNAM) he study and graduated in fine arts  at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design  Vancouver BC. Read more……