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Patricia Martinez

Patricia Martinez


By Coco Bikadoroff

Patricia Martinez taught Spanish in her home town in Mexico. She began teaching in Vancouver in 1997 and has since taught out of her Kerrisdale village office since 2000.

She came upon her Kerrisdale location while she was pregnant with her first child and shopping for baby clothes! There was an infant store in an old office building on 41st called ‘Small Peas’ which she went to and found that the woman there was moving.  She grabbed the opportunity to rent the office and she is still there today.

Patricia is a lovely, vibrant woman with a flare for life! She always has a smile to give. She loves being a part of the close knit community of the Kerrisdale village and how all the merchants and regulars know each other. She also loves that she can walk down the street and recognize her students from as far back as 12 years.

She shares the space with other teachers, when there wasn’t enough room for all the classes, she would sometimes teach in the coffee shop (Legato) and also at the jungle cafe which the only Mexican restaurant in the village.

She used to advertise in Georgia straight before the internet, but she likes the community concept of advertising better.  Along with her partner Nora, they would participate in the Kerrisdale carnival days by creating a huge rainbow balloon and raffle off free lessons.

Patricia’s students range from 4-80 years old. She loves teaching and can’t see herself changing careers. Her biggest influence in her life came from her father who was her social science teacher in high school. Her Grandmother and Great Aunt were also teachers. You can tell she has had a loving bond with her family and has no problem keeping up with their tradition of education.

If you are interested in lessons,  visit the Spanish Teaching Services at www.easyspanish.ca, or give Patricia an email at patricia@easyspanish.ca.